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All Golf Lessons in Broward County, 100% of them want more distance. Line up 100 golfers and they will all raise their hands when asked if they want to hit longer golf drives. That’s where golf fitness training comes in. I know the golfing community is in denial. They don’t want to realize that it’s their body keeping them from a better game. But it’s a reality, especially for the older golfer. The senior golf population has diminished physical capacity. They have lost a tremendous amount of both strength and flexibility.

Golf Lessons In Broward CountyThat is the main reason for a loss in power and distance, and yet most golfers will resort to buying a new driver; taking more golf lessons in broward county; or just trying to pound it out at the range. All of which may have a small chance of improving distance, but nothing like fixing the machine (body) that swings the club, like golf fitness and training does.

All Golf Lessons in Broward County focus should first be on stretching, as tight golf muscles will not produce the kind of swing speed that will maximize your distance. So focusing on flexibility is a must. The muscles you should focus on is the rear lead shoulder, which will help you make a bigger backswing; the lower back (spine) to eliminate the stress from the sheer forces of the golf swing, which will reduce low back pain and injury; and the hamstrings, which will help you stay in your golf posture throughout your golf swing for better consistency.

When it comes to the strength aspect of it, focusing on your core strength will give you the biggest return in power, as the core is the engine to your swing. The stronger your core is, the more torque you can store, as well as unwind for a higher clubhead speed and ultimately distance. The motion you should focus on is rotation. In Broward County, we focus on golf lessons. As the golf swing is rotational, so any core exercise you can do with a twisting motion will greatly enhance your distance, not only with your driver, but with all the clubs in your bag.

Golf Lessons in Broward County should not be ignored, especially by the older golfer. Anyone over 50 should make it a point to do some training, to stop the physical decline that’s most likely been happening for the past 15 or so years. This does not require more than 15 minutes in your home, if you do the right exercises, so there is no excuse to make when it comes to fitness.

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