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golf-lessons-puttingPutting contributes at least 1/3 of the shots in a round of golf. There are many different putting strokes and types of putters. Once a stroke is established, it is then time to get fit for a putter. One of the most important steps in getting fit is the length of the putter. We always want the putter to be under our eyes or just outside our eye line, at address, to help us make a more consistent stroke. The next step is the getting the correct lie angle, which will change when a putter’s length has been altered. The lie is what helps to determine direction and making centered hits. The last step to fitting a putter is the loft, which needs to be an effective loft of 3 ½ degrees at impact of the stroke. This will help with being consistent on distance control.

Now that we have perfect putter, it comes down to making the perfect stroke. I teach a conventional putting grip and stroke, which differs from the golf swing. We want to take the putter straight back and straight through, with as little opening and closing of the putter face. It is best to get set up with your eyes slightly inside-to-over the ball with your arms fully extended. Then, the putter needs to go straight back (square), down the line, with the same length and tempo, both back and through.

To get more information, watch my video to see some drills and explain the putting stroke and putting line. After viewing the video, contact me to schedule your putting lesson at Matt Kennedy Golf Academy at Grand Palms Resort and Country Club, located in Pembroke Pines of Broward County, Florida.

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