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Putting contributes at least 1/3 of the shots in a round of golf. There are many different putting strokes and types of putters. Once a stroke is established, it is then time to get fit for a putter. One of the most important steps in getting fit is the length of the putter. We always […]

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Golf Lessons In Broward County

All Golf Lessons in Broward County, 100% of them want more distance. Line up 100 golfers and they will all raise their hands when asked if they want to hit longer golf drives. That’s where golf fitness training comes in. I know the golfing community is in denial. They don’t want to realize that it’s […]

How to Hit Bunker Shots

There are many different shots to hit from a bunker and many types of bunkers from which to hit, as well as different types of sand in the bunkers that need to be taken into consideration. The first step in hitting bunker shots is getting fit for the proper wedge, with the correct bounce for […]

Fitness Training For Golfers


Have you ever thought about, how some golf pros take control and win tournaments? Have you ever dreamed of swinging your golf clubs like Tiger Woods? Many golf professionals have said that Tiger Woods is the pioneer of golf and fitness conditioning. Being fit is not required in playing golf but if you want to […]